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  • All Types of Cleaning & Maintainance
  • All Types of Cleaning & Maintainance
  • All Types of Cleaning & Maintainance
Water Tank Cleaning PDF Print E-mail
hhbc Cleaning and Disinfecting of Water Tank is a priority in our hygiene life. They are our drinking water storage tanks that keep the water safe.

Contaminated water is the most common cause of illness to mankind. Around 60% of diseases caused to humans are water-borne with children below 5 years more susceptible. One of the most usual ways water getting contaminated is through water storage tanks - the cleaning of which is either neglected or inappropriate means like the services of a local plumber or sweeper are engaged.

Water being stored in the tanks for a long period provides an ideal media for moulds and bacteria growth....

But did you know your tank could harbor harmful bacteria, decaying vegetation,sediment, insects, reptiles or even animals! All which could be contributing to making you and your family sick!

Its the responsibility of every water tank owner to make sure your tank and water are kept in optimum condition for the ongoing health of your family.